The Collection

The collection is big, so in order to break it up I have indexed the collection alphabetically below. Also you will find a bunch of “Collections within the Collection” pages mostly because I lack a life.

A couple of notes about how I’m ordering this:

  1. If numbers are spelled out they are arranged by the English spelling, not the number (i.e. “Seven Samurai” is filed under “S” not under “#”).
  2. All major English articles are ignored (“The Battle of Algiers” is under “B” not “T”) but all other languages will be filed under their article (“La Dolce Vita” is under “L” not “D”)
  3. Alphabetical arrangement will be adhered to unless it comes after another movie in the same franchise chronologically (“Finding Dory” will be filed after “Finding Nemo”)

And of course for a more colourful (read: more pictures) version of this same index check out my Letterboxd list

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Directed by Women