Best Movies About the Stage Life

Anybody who has ever been in a school play, community theatre production, church pageant, or other amateur stage production knows the special and sometimes weird community that develops behind-the-scenes. The hyper-specific production-related inside jokes, the heavy amount of hours spent together, and the collective wanting to get the production over the line usually end up …

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Suspiria (2018): Big Screen Review

Public discussions about a film's general quality tends to fall into a clear-cut binary. Either the movie elicits an enjoyable emotion like joy, excitement, inspiration, awe, or love in a viewer, and therefore gets called a "good" movie. Or the movie fails to elicit those emotions and conjures up negative emotions like boredom, anger, anxiety, …

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Best “Nice” Movies

Niceness is not something that is generally held up as an upper-tier virtue in society. Instead we just got through another nasty election season consisting of battle-lines drawn, weapons hurled, and an election night that resulted in a "choose-your-own-story" victory narrative in which the only real consensus reached was that we are an increasingly divided …

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